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Project Details

Genie is an recipe app designed for college students.

Product Designer

My Role

October - November 2022

(4 weeks)

Just me!


Figma, UX Research, UI Design, Prototyping


Problem ☹️

College students have poor diet habits, limited transportation, and tight budgets.

Solution 😊

Genie - A cooking app where college students can efficiently make meal plans, follow along healthy recipes, and build out a grocery shopping list.

Requesting an Item

Users can quickly and easily communicate their specific needs by requesting an item through the Request feature. 

Onboarding Questionnaire


Guided onboarding questionnaire to find out about users' diet restrictions and make the app personalized.


Personalized homepage with a variety of healthy recipes to choose from

Meal Plan


Add healthy recipes to your meal plan to avoid making multiple grocery runs

Shopping List


Find a recipe you like, and easily add ingredients you need to your shopping list

So how did I get there?

Empathy Mapping

I analyzed the personas provided by the UX club and utilized empathy mapping to identify pain points.

Competitive Analysis

I conducted a competitive analysis to see where Genie would stand with a more customized feed with a wide selection of recipes

Pain points
  1. Limited time to cook for themselves

  2. ​Has specific dietary restrictions and habits

  3. ​Limited budget for food and transportation 


Problem Statement

After the research phase, I brainstormed based on these HMW with the users and their pain points in mind:


  • How might we create a mobile app that provides personalized meal plans and recipes based on an individual's dietary preferences and time constraints?

  • How might we make it easier for individuals with limited transportation to access fresh and healthy food options that align with their dietary needs?

Final Prototype
Learnings & Reflections

Continuously learning

I learned how to prototype on Figma during this challenge! It was challenging but very rewarding. If I could go back, I would want to do more user research such as doing interviews with some UTD students. It would allow me to empathize more with the students, and come up with better solutions to the user pain points. 

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